Australia Unit Study

Age Range:     10-14
Duration:         6 weeks


This is a study of a classic Australian novel for young adults together with a look at the geography of the continent.  Although designed to be used by a small group, meeting once a week with independent work to be completed between meetings, this study guide can be used by a family or individual child.


  • The award-winning novel ‘Pastures of the Blue Crane’ was written in the mid 1960s and is a coming-of-age book about sixteen year old Amaryllis Mereweather.  It is set on the east coast of Australia. 
  • Study guide includes weekly research suggestions into the history and geography of Australia and weekly fun activities.
  • Continent study covers a look at the geography of Australia and Oceania.



Novel: Pastures of the Blue Crane
Literature Guides: Pastures of the Blue Crane Study Guide ResourceMouse
Geography: The Seven Continents: Australia and Oceania Evan Moor





Work Plan


Wk  Pastures of the Blue Crane   Geography: Australia and Oceania 
 1  Chapters 1 – 4  Sec 1:  Australia and Oceania in the World
 2  Chapters 5 – 9  Sec 2:  Political Divisions of Australia and Oceania
 3  Chapters 10 – 12  Sec 3:  Physical Features of Australia and Oceania
 4 Chapters 13 – 18   Sec 4:  Valuable Resources of Australia and Oceania
 5  Chapters 19 – 22   Sec 5:  Australian and Oceanic Culture
 6  Chapters 23 – 27  Sec 6:  Assessment  Sec 7:  Note Takers



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