From Colonisation to Civil War


Age Range:     8-14
Duration:         25 weeks


This is an outline of which resources to use, rather than a resource itself.  The unit study covers the colonisation of America, the Revolution, the pioneer movement west across the continent and the Civil War.  Although designed to be used by a small group, meeting once a week with independent work to be completed between meetings, this study can be used by a family or individual child.


We like to kick start our unit studies with a film and ‘National Treasure’ was our starting point for this one.  It’s a fun, family film which mentions many of the key figures of the American Revolution.


After the initial film week, the remaining 24 weeks are divided into 4 blocks of 6 weeks and a work plan can be found on the PDF download.  The literature suggestions are just that – you may find books you would prefer to read instead.  Some books are more suitable for younger children, e.g. Children on the Oregon Trail, whereas others are for the older end of the range, e.g. The Red Badge of Courage.  I have included links to free study guides on the literature where they are available.


  • Scholastic resources can often be found in their Dollar Download Sales.  Evan Moor History Pockets are an alternative to these and are aimed at the younger end of the age range.
  • Hands-On History products involve cutting and sticking and writing.
  • History Pockets involve less writing and more colouring and drawing.
  • Both result in a lovely end product that can be kept as a souvenir of this study.  As both products are designed for schools, you only need to buy one e-book for the whole group.
  • Simulations are fun to do and each session takes about an hour, depending on the size of the group.  They are also a great opportunity for collaboration, discussion, persuasion and co-operation.  These do need a group of 4-6, or more.


 Download our free overview for full details and links.