What is a unit study?

A unit study is a cross-curricular way of working based on a book or several books.  Literature may be the main focus or the books may be used to study a particular period of history or a specific country/continent.  It involves reading the spine book, looking at aspects of it, such as vocabulary, characters, settings etc; writing activities, history, geography, art, practical activities such as cooking or DT.  There are also research topics to look at.

We have put together 5 unit studies using a variety of resources:



This is our shortest and smallest study – only 6 weeks and 2 resources!  Suitable for ages 10-14.


World War Two: 

This is a very comprehensive study guide with a wide range of activities.  It lasts 8 weeks and is complete in itself.  Suitable for ages 8-14.


Victorian Literature: 

This includes two of our study guides and covers 3 novels and some geography.  Suitable for ages 10-14.


American History: 

This is our longest unit study and takes 25 weeks.  It includes a range of novels and history resources.  Suitable for ages 10-14.


The Golden Age of Crime Writing: 

This is our latest unit study and takes 20 weeks.  It includes three novels, including a choice of two by Agatha Christie and lots of fun activities.  Suitable for ages 10-14.


What is a study guide?

A study guide is a resource on a novel which includes a wide variety of activities covering a range of subjects.  Our study guides can be used as standalone resources or as part of the unit studies above.