I’m Helen and I’ve been home educating for over 10 years.  Over those years I’ve found that if you want to do a topic, it can be quite time-consuming to pull different resources together.  I like to plan ahead and know what we’re doing!  Education is a bit like a journey – it’s nice to have a route planned out, even if we wander off that route and potter down country lanes sometimes!  We meet together weekly with two other families, who have also contributed to some of the resources here.
I also worked as a modern foreign languages teacher for over 20 years, so am looking forward to putting some language resources on here too.  I now work as a private tutor, which I enjoy immensely.

Why did we create unit studies?

This website came about through a small group of home educators meeting together each week.  We found a lovely study guide on the Narnia books and spent a year on it.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything else for the following year, so our Victorian Literature Unit Study came about, closely followed by our American History Unit Study.  These have been tweaked and amended, so they aren’t exactly what we did but we hope that your children enjoy them as much as ours did.
If you actually manage to get through all the activities, we would love to hear from you – we never managed it!  But that’s the great thing about our Unit Studies: you can pick and choose which bits you do – nobody is checking up on you!  Even within our own group, different people did differing amounts – the crucial part is actually reading the book and we also found that setting each person a different research topic meant that they didn’t want to be the one with nothing to share with the group!